Hiring Special Education Advocacy San Francisco Bay

Hiring Special Education Advocacy San Francisco Bay

Hiring Special Education Advocacy San Francisco Bay

Does anyone reading this enjoy attending IEPs?  Most of you are saying “Oh heck no!” Leigh used to be on edge for at least a month before attending her son’s IEPs. Susie also did anticipate her son’s IEP meetings with delight.

IEP Stress

IEPs are inherently stressful. It is the contract for your child’s education for the next year, and you are up against a team of people. Most of our new calls are from parents who are concerned, stressed, or have a strong feeling the school district is not appropriately educating their child. Leigh and Susie have been there. It is a horrible feeling.

Getting Help

Hiring someone to go with you can provide a lot of assurance. You are in trained hands… or are you?

Buyer Beware

There are no minimum training standards to become an advocate. No state or federal agency oversees or governs special education advocacy. Hiring someone to advocate for your child and for your family can create a lot of anxiety.  You cannot afford to mess this up.

While there are many great advocates, we see some who create problems for the rest of the profession.

When Evaluating an Advocate, Watch For These Things
Does the advocate claim s/he can:

Guarantee results?

Get your fees back from the school?

Take your case to due process?

Does her website:

Repeatedly mention “we” or their Team/Group ..and there is only one name listed?

Say ‘they’ have been in business for 10 years – and there is no sign of it?

Other possible concerns

Does the potential advocate demand a huge, non-refundable up front fee?

Also, does the person make claims that sound too good to be true?

Our approach

Susie and Leigh believe our industry demands a high level integrity in all areas. This includes interactions with clients, and representations in social media.


Please, before hiring an advocate, engage in due diligence. Ask hard questions, listen to the answers, do your research.


As parents, we understand,  As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.



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