Children Summer Special Education Santa Clara

Children Summer Special Education Santa Clara

Children Summer Special Education Santa Clara

IEPs are important and…

IEPs are essential for our children to get the education to which they are entitled, and that they will need moving forward. Leigh and Susie firmly believe that, and it’s why we do what we do. The parents we work with value well written IEPs as well.  Supports and services to give our children skills and opportunities in life are important as well.

Our children are children first.

We have heard of children who have 6 hours of school daily, and another 4 hours of therap, day in and day out. We have heard of children as young as 4 and 5 years old on schedules like this. There is no down time for the child to relax, to be a child, to spend time playing, hanging with parents and siblings, and simply enjoying life.  While therapy is important, so is down time – for everyone.

What about you, the parent?

Many parents spend large chunks of their day taking their child to appointments, doctors, therapists. We all want our children to get what they need. At the same time, there are other important intangibles that make life worth living.

Time off

Make time to do typical family stuff.  Go to the beach, Happy Hollow, a park, the zoo, a family picnic. Time we spend with our children doing family outings can create some great memories, and bring a family closer. Even when things go awry, those willl become some of your best collective memories later. Leigh’s son doesn’t like loud, busy places, so we often go out early before things get too busy. It sometimes takes planning and creativity.  It’s well worth doing, though, for their sake and yours.

And you…

If you can get someone to help with your child, take some time for yourself, too.  Trade off with another family if funds are tight. If your child is a SARC client, ask about getting respite hours.

Your child is first and foremost a child. Whenever you can, build enjoyable experiences and memories with them, and allow some time in the summer for them to just be children.

As parents, we understand, As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.

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