IEP Special Education IEP Special Education Blame Cupertino

IEP Special Education Blame Cupertino

IEP Special Education Blame Cupertino

Why Blame?

Schools and their Districts often blame the child for their disability. What do we mean?  Jacob is not learning or meeting his IEP goals. The school tells many parents that the reason why Jacob has not progressed is because Jacob i is not able to learn. Emma hit another student. Emma’s parents have repeatedly asked the District for behavior support. District tells the teacher to give positive verbal reinforcement, saying they think that is adequate. Emma then kicks the teacher and principal. Her family again asks for behavior support. District makes little effort, and Emma’s behavior escalates again. Then Emma is suspended from school.

So What?

In both cases, the child is not receiving a free, appropriate public education. In the first case, because he is not progressing or meeting his goals. For the second case, she is not receiving an education when she is suspended. Schools are required to give all students a free, appropriate public education (FAPE). In these examples, neither student is receiving FAPE.


We have all heard the axiom “Money is the root of all evil.” Yes, it is about the money. Even with an IEP, whose first word is “Individualized,” students are often funneled into existing programs. Even in small groups, many teachers have a style or methodology that is comfortable for them. The student keeps getting material in a way that, thus far, has not worked. For children with moderate to severe behavior challenges, hiring a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to conduct a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) costs money. Some districts either will not do it, or will ask their staff psychologist to conduct the FBA. We have been in IEPs where the psychologist assures us she has taken classes in behavior analysis. If your family doctor was going to operate on your brain, would you accept her assurance she has taken a class in brain surgery? No, of course not.

Why Is It The Student’s Fault?

Many districts ignore things like the examples above, and many more. They will claim Jacob cannot learn, They will put a few minor reinforcers in place for Emma, and then act shocked and surprised when Emma’s behavior escalates to the point where they suspend her from school for a week.

It Is Not The Student’s Fault – The School Is Not Doing Their Job

If the school is not listening to you, it’s time to bring in help. Call us; we can help.

As parents, we understand,  As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.

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