IEP Musts Santa Clara County Part 1

IEP Musts Santa Clara County Part 1

IEP Musts Santa Clara County Part 1


Mandatory Requirements In Every School District

There are things every school district MUST do. Susie and Leigh would not be special education advocates/consultants if all school districts actually met those requirements. Until then, here are some things to know that school districts know they must do and sometimes do not.

Over-arching Principle

Needs drive assessments, assessments drive goals, goals drive placement, supports, and services.

Identify and Assess

The school district is required to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to every student. If the district suspects that your your child has any disability that interferes with their ability to receive FAPE, the district must notify you, and request permission to assess the student.

Your child’s school district is responsible for testing, identifying the disability, and measuring how that disability will impact the child’s education. They then must call an IEP Team Meeting to discuss these results. You, the parents, are a key part of the IEP team.

Get Reports In Advance

You will receive a substantial stack of assessment reports.  First, in writing, ask to receive the reports a week before the scheduled meeting. Most of the time, asking to receive them a week in advance means you will receive them a few days before the meeting. That still gives you time to read, absorb, and participate more fully in the IEP discussion. Second, write down your questions, or any areas you would like explained. The first thing the IEP team does is to go over the reports, and determine whether or not the student is eligible for an IEP and special education services.

Convenient Time

You are essential to the IEP team; along with your child, you are the person who will live with the long-term consequences of your child receiving appropriate services. The district must make a reasonable attempt to hold the meetings at times where you are able to attend.


What does all this mean, and how can it benefit your child? Give us a call.

As parents, we understand,  As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.

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