Student Placement IEP Special Education Santa Cruz County Part 2

Student Placement IEP Special Education Santa Cruz County Part 2

What is The Least Restrictive Environment?

The least restrictive environment (LRE) is our children learning alongside their typical peers.Some students may need additional supports and services. This includes but is not limited to direct support staff or adapted or modified school work. It can include additional instruction in some areas, or any other supports and services the student needs to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE). It can also be all of these, and more.

Why Is My Child’s District Fighting Me on Inclusion?


99% of the time, it’s about the money. Districts have budgets, and get in trouble when they exceed those budgets. It is more economical to put a student into a program they already have than to customize one to the child.


The other 1% is often an unwillingness to look at alternatives. This is also known as “This is how we do things here.” While the first word in IEP is “Individualized,” we find a lot of districts seem to forget that when convenient. We were in an IEP yesterday where District said they required the student to attend a class four times a week. At the same time, the team admitted the student no longer needed to attend the class that often. It was at that point we suggested individualizing the requirement for this student. After further discussion, the IEP team agreed on an option that worked this student.


Student Placement IEP Special Education Santa Cruz County Part 2

We ALL get used to doing repetitive tasks the same way. Our work and life experiences shape our outlook and habits.

What Susie and Leigh love about what we do is that we get the opportunity to suggest alternatives. In working with the IEP team to individualize each student’s education, we find we can often make suggestions that allow IEP teams to exercise their creativity. At the same time, it supports the team in creating an Individualized Education Plan that reflects each student’s needs. We often see them excited to discuss new options.

What does all this mean, and how can it benefit your child? Give us a call.

As parents, we understand,  As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.

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