IEP What Why How Santa Clara

IEP What Why How Santa Clara

IEP What Why How Santa Clara

Many of our parents know a lot about IEPs. What we can add to that is our many years’ experience of what works, why, and how.

What: Recording Every IEP Team Meeting

We always strongly recommend our clients record IEP Team Meetings. Many families are concerned that their child’s school will interpret this as adversarial. We get it. Do it anyway.


What happens at the IEP team meeting does not always get written into the IEP document. This can be catastrophic. You have worked hard to get everything your child needs into the document.  Sometimes key details you have discussed do not make it into the final document.


The district person writing up the meeting notes also participates in the meeting, often presenting results, discussing goals, and joining the discussion – while documenting the discussion.  What could possibly go wrong?  Some people multitask better than others. We occasionally see meeting notes that appear to have been taken at someone else’s IEP Team Meeting.

Can We Read the Entire IEP Including Notes at the IEP Meeting?

Yes, you can – most of the time. Often some attendees will have time constraints and need to leave by a certain time. Often parents will have to choose between completing the IEP  document in the allotted time, or taking time to carefully review all progress to date. Most parents want to spend the time getting as much accomplished as possible during the IEP, reading the entire document and notes if there is time left.


After a long meeting, often at the end of the school day, the team is not always willing to take another 20 to 30 minutes to review and correct the IEP. Even if they are willing, many times some or all of the team either needs to leave. Even if you stay, many of us are not at our best after a long and intricate IEP.

As parents, we understand,  As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.

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