5 Ways to Better IEPs San Jose Special Education

5 Ways to Better IEPs San Jose Special Education

5 Ways to Better IEPs San Jose Special Education, or what can I do to improve my child’s IEP Team Meetings?

First, make all important requests in writing, including the ones we suggest below.  Email is fine. We recommend sending the email to at least two people at your child’s school or school district. If you send it to one person, they might accidentally overlook it or it could go into their spam filter.We have seen that happen. We have not yet seen an email sent to two people go missing.

Second, always get a copy of all documents prior to the IEP Team Meeting.  Yes, you can do that. You will not receive them unless you request them (see item 1 above).  Think about it. If you are receiving assessments, you’ll have 30 to 40 pages of single-spaced text to read and process. This is while someone is speaking to you, and expecting you to take action based on this report. Even those of us who do this for a living need time to process. You can be sure that the school part of the team has read the reports and made their plans and suggestions based on those reports.

Third, presume positive intent, and that everyone on the team wants your child to have the supports and services s/he needs. We will admit here and now there are school districts we dread. They often seem a lot more procedure-oriented than child-oriented. We still go in seeking their cooperation and participation. We will often say “We know everyone here wants to support this student.”

Fourth, be prepared. While presuming positive intent is important, so is preparing to ask for what the student needs. Saying “We want a 1 to 1 aide” is fine. It is unlikely your child will receive it without a carefully prepared argument on why. This is true of most supports and services.


Fifth, record the IEP Team Meeting. We know, this can feel adversarial. Do it anyway. We have had a few cases where the recording was absolutely critical to the student receiving the appropriate supports and services. With the recording, you have proof.  Without the recording, you have people’s memories. It is much better to have a recording.

As parents, we understand,  As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.


5 Ways to Better IEPs San Jose Special Education


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