New Year Special Education IEP Santa Clara

New Year Special Education IEP Santa Clara

How Is Your Child’s School Year Going?

It is a New Year, and many of our children went back to school this week. As some of us did prior to New Year’s Eve, it is time to take stock of what is working for our child and their education, and what is not. If the child is flourishing and learning, then great. Enjoy it! If not, now that the second half of this school year is underway, make some plans.

Call an IEP Team Meeting

Did you know that you can request an IEP team meeting ANY TIME you wish? Okay, there are a few minor exceptions, but you may call one as often as needed.  Leigh’s son had some years where we had 7 or 8 IEP team meetings. Others were one or two meetings a year.

New Year Special Education IEP Santa Clara

Why Call A Meeting?

We speak to parents whose children are no longer receiving any academic education because their school has given up on the student learning. No, that is not okay.

Other parents want to support their child’s studying and would like schoolwork sent home both because that will tell them what the student works on in class, and so they can reinforce the academics. What comes home and how often can be addressed in the IEP Team Meeting. The team can incorporate it in the IEP document.

Does This Have To Be Part Of An IEP?

It only has to be part of the IEP document if you want to be able to follow up. If the IEP says school must send home the student’s work every Friday, then you can send an email the first time it does not come home. If the school continues to not follow through, you have an easy option to file a non-compliance complaint with the California Department of Education. It takes very little time, and it is quite effective.

If it is not written into the IEP, it never happened.

For this and more tips, give us a call.

As parents, we understand, As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.
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