After years of stressful IEPs, we hired Leigh to help us get our children the placement we felt they needed. Not only was Leigh successful, but she reduced our stress, making life a lot more enjoyable. We now let Leigh handle any issues that come up with the school. Life is good again!

D.W., Parent, Sunnyvale


I’ve reviewed Aspire Advocacy before. Three years ago I hired them to help with my son’s IEP. They got it straightened out and got the school providing the services that my son needed. Now my son is in another school and all over again I go to the IEP and they start telling me what they can and can’t do. I’m overwhelmed. So I call in Aspire Advocacy and Leigh went to the next meeting with me. She helped by knowing what my son’s rights are and what the school’s obligations were. She helped get my son into the classes that he needs to be in with the help that he needs to succeed. I can’t say enough how much I’m glad that I hired them!

A.G., Parent, San Jose


Our son has an an IEP since he was 3. We asked for additional assessments, and our district refused. We then realized we needed to learn more about the process so that we could get him the appropriate services.

My wife and I called Aspire Advocacy, and spoke with Susie and Leigh. These two clearly know special education! Besides having an encyclopedic knowledge, their kindness and compassion came through immediately. When we first met, Leigh gave us a lot of inside information on the IEP process. We reviewed our son’s file, and made an IEP plan together. She incorporated all of our thoughts, suggestions, and made suggestions in areas we had not considered.

There was never any pressure to hire her; only a lot of information.

We hired Aspire, and Leigh attended 2 IEP meetings with us. What a huge relief! Having someone who can their language made such a big different in the IEP meeting. She has a collaborative style we appreciate. It helped maintain good working relationships with our school district while still getting our son everything he needed.

We are delighted with the results, and will ask Leigh to attend all our future IEP meetings.

S.L., Parent, San Jose


Having worked as an Special Education Advocate, I have observed many advocacy cases that were resolved with the assistance of the staff of Aspire Advocacy, LLC. The staff is thorough and effective in working to resolve special education conflicts. Since the staff members of Aspire Advocacy are parents of students who have received special education services, they offer services in a compassionate and effective manner.

Mary M., Milpitas


Leigh at Aspire Advocacy is a consummate professional. Not only is she an expert in the field of special education services; she also has invaluable personal experience, which comes from raising her own son with a disability. As a parent, it is overwhelming to advocate for your child in a school setting by yourself. When I went to Leigh seeking assistance for getting much needed services for my child, she stepped right into the situation. Leigh has a positive viewpoint and an incredible work ethic. I first met with Leigh a week before my child’s IEP and was impressed with her care and concern over my situation. She truly listened to my concerns and wanted to understand my goals for my child’s education. Leigh spent two days reading over the documentation I provided for her and when we spoke again, she had a clear agenda and a plan of action to achieve the goals we had outlined. During the meeting, Leigh was professional, polite and an excellent facilitator. She dealt with the staff with courtesy and respect while clearly maintaining our shared focus for my child. By the end of the meeting, the staff that had told me it would be impossible to achieve my desired goals was on board with the plan that I had worked on with Leigh. Leigh is quite simply AMAZING and I would recommend Aspire Advocacy to any parent in need of an advocate for an IEP meeting.

Stacy C., Parent, Cupertino


I cannot begin to express how much gratitude I have for Leigh and Susie of Aspire Advocacy. Having them at my son’s IEP meeting was like going into battle with sword- wielding Angels. I was faced with a district that appeared to want the best for my son but attempted to thwart my efforts to make informed decisions every step of the way, and attempted to withhold appropriate services from my son.

From the get go Leigh and Susie combed through my documents and identified critical mistakes and formulated a plan to clean up the legal document that would implications for the rest of my sons educational experience. While both were very professional, Susie brought bull dogged toughness to the table and Leigh tempered that with her smooth and calm demeanor. The two gave me a voice that was informed and persuasive while keeping an amicable atmosphere for the whole team. This was important for me as I would be working with the district for as long as my son is enrolled.

Even when we thought all was said and signed, Leigh and Susie stayed on guard and examined the signed documents only to find more discrepancies and took immediate action to have the district correct them. I can rest at night knowing my son will be receiving service appropriate for his needs. And it felt good to work with a team who understood what it was like to be a mother fighting to get what her child needs, as they also personally went through the trials of IEPs with their own children.

Leigh and Susie aren’t about the money; they could have charged me far more for all the extra time and energy they spent. They do what they do because they want to fight for what is right. Without hesitation and with much regard, I would highly recommend Aspire Advocacy to every parent facing a difficult IEP process.

J.S., Parent, San Jose


I reached out to Aspire Advocacy when I realized I couldn’t secure IEP services for my child on my own. Aspire has helped my family in so many ways – not only are they helping me advocate for my child but they are helping us keep our focus  on the important issues and not get bogged down with every detail, by reminding me, “this is not a sprint, it is a marathon”.  Leigh has  been through this whole process with her own son so she completely understands how families can get very beat down . She is very supportive and responsive to our needs. Phone calls and emails  were  always returned within 24 hours.

Aspire knows how  to approach each situation so that your child receives what they need to be successful ). In her dealings with the school districts, Leigh is very professional and respectful, never adversarial.  I have made a lot of mistakes in the past because I did not have an advocate.  Before Aspire was on my child’s team,  I was so nervous before IEP meetings that I would get sick.  During the meeting I had no confidence. Now that Aspire is in our corner, I do not dread these meetings anymore and I have the confidence to speak up for my child.

I recommend aspire Advocacy to anyone who has a child in the special education system. I wish I had called them much sooner!

S.D.,  Parent, Santa Clara