Special Ed Advocate School Year End Wrap Santa Clara

Special Ed Advocate School Year End Wrap Santa Clara

Getting Ready

Summer is coming and the pace of living will change a bit. Some thoughts on how to get ready and start the next school year organized..

Important Dates

Write all important dates for the next school year on your calendar now. First day of school, when school progress reports are due, if/when any assessments are due.  Right now, they are clear in your mind.  In two months, if your mind works anything like ours, it will be a LOT harder to recall.


Special Ed Advocate School Year End Wrap Santa Clara

Did you request an IEP less than 30 days before school ended? Make yourself a note to contact the school a day or two after school starts to find out what date they propose.


Does your child have assessments that started just before school gets out, or due to commence once class begins?  Count out the 60 days. Around day 40, write and ask the school to send you a copy of the assessments prior to the IEP team meeting to discuss them. We typically ask to receive the assessments 7 days in advance.  Note that this rarely happens, but makes it far less likely that you will receive them at 11:30 pm the night before the IEP meeting.

When the school has offered to provide new or additional services in the fall, also make a note to check a week or two into school if those are in place yet.


Find a good, secure spot to put your child’s IEP and assessments so that you will be able to refer to them next school year.

Almost all parents have a zillion things to track for themselves and their families. Those of us who have children with IEPs, 504s, medical conditions and the like have a quite a few more. Anything we can put on the calendar now and know that it will be there, waiting for us when we need it, gives us a bit more time and energy now.

As parents, we understand,  As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.



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