Summer Intangibles Special Ed IEP Santa Clara

Summer Intangibles Special Ed IEP Santa Clara

Summer Intangibles Special Ed IEP Santa Clara

Even when not in school, our children’s minds are always learning, developing, and soaking up new information. Some thoughts about having fun and learning at the same time. This can occur on vacation.

Routines – useful but boring

Many parts of our lives consist of routine activities. Getting up and ready for the day, taking children to school, work, meals, bed… Rinse and repeat the next day. Routine requires less mental energy than novel experiences do. Our brains are in familiar neural pathways, and can coast along. This can be true for our children also. While some children desperately crave and need routine, many benefit from mixing it up. Some also see significant increases in their skills – from being on vacation.


When coming back from time away, we have often noticed that our children have developed new cognitive skills during that time.  No, we do not travel with therapists, nor do any special work while we were gone. It appears that being outside their familiar environment has caused them to think a bit differently than at home. It often kick-starts a new area of skill. Am we promising that taking your child on vacation will result in a bunch of new skills? Of course not. We are sharing our experience that exposure to new places, countries, languages, foods, and travel near or far has had benefits for our children that we had not anticipated. With Leigh’s son, we always see a significant increase in executive functioning, It is exciting to see. Again, this is anecdotal, and your results may vary.  Some people are miserable when away from home.


Even if you do not see a skill increase, you are out as a family and making family memories. Whether it is a day at the beach, a weekend camping, or a trip to another town near or far, it will have benefits, even possibly some you had not expected. When you can, have fun with your child.

As parents, we understand,  As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.

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