Fun and IEP Special Education Advocacy San Jose

Fun and IEP Special Education Advocacy San Jose


It Can Happen…

Okay, we admit it. One rarely sees the words fun and IEP (Individualized Education Program) in the same sentence. There are a few ways that fun can come into the IEP.


Student-Centered Decisions

First is thinking about the impact of the education process – both regular and special education – on your child. Not everyone loves or even likes school, but many children do. What some schools forget is ways to encourage children with IEPs to enjoy school and have fun. Yes, the student may need supports and additional services.


Still, the IEP team needs to consider the impact of their decisions on the student’s attitude and enjoyment of school. Also, if the student is miserable, the IEP team also needs to consider ways to ameliorate and address it. How does this work? In all IEPs, the team is required to individualize the document for each student. Some teams can be a little fuzzy on the concept of individualization. This is where it helps to gently remind the team of what the “I” is in the acronym IEP.



Often parents and teacher have a good idea of where and why students are stressed. Susie and Leigh have seen great discussions between team members on how the team individuals (teacher, resource, parent, principal) can work together to help ensure the student is enjoying school. Knowing what motivates the student is a key component, as well as what stresses each individual child.


‘Subversive’ Fun…

A second way to have fun within “Fun and IEP Special Education San Jose” is knowing you have asked for what your child needs in a way that the district has to listen. Rest assured, it can be quite enjoyable. That’s where knowing all the potential options available helps, and then being able to argue persuasively for them. This can be challenging – it can be challenging to know what you don’t know. The district or school will often have objections. It sometimes seems like they pose the objections in ways to put fear into our parental hearts. It takes experience and skill to be ready for those objections and able to answer them effectively. We will help you learn them.


As parents, we understand,  As experienced and trained advocates, we can help.

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